April 20, 2014

The pool or the beach?

When I think of summer, the first thing I think about is whether or not to go to the pool or the beach. Today was the family’s first day at the beach this year.  I’d much rather a pool, but my husband being the pisces that he is, loves the waves of the beach.  I can’t say that I hate the beach, I love to sit out and work on my tan.  I love to collect seashells with my daughters, and I love to use my creativity to try to make the best damn sandcastle around.  I surprised myself because even though I  spent time tanning and relaxing at first, I spent a good amount of time in the water.  I am not a fan of the many hard shells under my feet, or the nasty salt water that gets in your face and mouth, but I had so much fun being with the kids that I hardly noticed those things.  It’s not like it was any different than other times I’ve spent at the beach. Maybe it was because it was the start of our summer at the beach but whatever the reason,  I just feel like it was such a great day.  With all of that said, I’d still prefer to swim at a pool. I first learned to swim in a neighbor’s pool and I think it’s the calm waters that entice me.  You don’t have waves crashing in and messing up your flow.  At a pool, you can just sit still and bathe without having sand kicked up in your face as someone rushes by to avoid high waves.  You also can eat a meal poolside without the crunch of sand in your “Sandwich”. Also at the pool (depending on whether public or private) You don’t have to witness the unappealing looks of some of the shapes and figures walking by.  Now I know I’m no beauty queen, but I cringe at some of the hairy bodies, and oversized guts hanging out or squished into swimsuits too small for some. Some things are just not meant for the human eyes to see (if you know what I mean, and my kids love to point that out).

I don’t want to sound too negative about the beach. I enjoy being out witnessing nature at it’s best.  The sounds of the beach, the laughter and squeals of the children playing on the boogie-boards are none you can duplicate in a pool setting. While the pool gives you more comfort, the beach give you a great look at the ocean, pond or lake (wherever you live by) and the splendor of it all.

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  • http://jewelryrockstar.com Jewelry Rockstar

    I’m a beach girl all the way. I moved, so that I could be closer to the beach and I go about 4 night per week:)

  • http://www.chasingmetamorphosis.blogspot.com Barbara

    Lucky you Brooke. We have yet to start our annual summer trips to the beach. Even on the toastiest of days our beaches here in NorCal are usually nice and warm until you get near the shoreline. You have to be very brave to get in the water, lol. My SoCal visit was such a treat because of the warm water.

  • http://tanyetta.com tanyetta

    We are living in Pensacola now. Right near the beach. With the destruction of the shores from the oil spill and more, we’ve only been to the beach ONCE. A few months before the oil showed up. I haven’t been back since.