April 18, 2014

The Fight for Troy Davis; a Fight for the Soul of the US

The Troy Davis case has awakened this site. Deneene Milner over at My Brown Baby wrote eloquently about her views on the Death Penalty saying:

But then my brain takes over when I consider America’s dark history of lynching, mutilating and murdering African American fathers, sons, mothers and daughters—all-too-many times for no other reason than because the accused was black and the accusers reveled in the killing. Evidence of wrongdoing was inconsequential. Emmit Till. The Scottsboro Boys. The Brothers Griffin. Those are the names we know. Scores more, we don’t. But their deaths sear my soul.

Her words mirror my sentiment- the Death Penalty makes sense in an “eye for an eye” sort of way. Unfortunately, it is far

too easy for a person (especially a person of color) to be wrongfully accused and found guilty. Human beings are fallible. We make mistakes, we are prejudiced, we are irrational, and we are filled with fear. Those traits makes it far too difficult for our Justice System to be flawless. Combined with our country’s history of hatred and our continued systematic racism and classism, there is just no way that the Death Penalty can be a solution.

What comes to my mind is that this is another fuck-up in a long line of events that has made me so sad for our country. I am a Patriot! I love America and the ideals that once propelled us to greatness. But as of late, my love of the United States has been replace by sadness and uneasiness, I don’t see good things for us; I see horrible times. And if Troy Davis, a man whose guilt is as questionable as Sarah Palin’s intelligence, is put to death, the future of this county is bleaker than ever. There is no denying that. If we cannot rely of the Supreme Court of the United States to do the right thing – if they don’t intervene in a more permanent way – we may as well burn The Constitution of the United States of America and head back into an age of darkness.

I have often spoken of Bowen’s Theory of Social Regression. The premise is that every society gets to a point when it starts to regress:

The “symptoms” of societal regression include a growth of crime and violence, an increasing divorce rate, a more litigious attitude, a greater polarization between racial groups, less principled decision-making by leaders, the drug abuse epidemic, an increase in bankruptcy, and a focus on rights over responsibilities.

I hang my head in shame and sadness as I see our regression on full display. The United States is a joke! We are a shell of what we could be – a mirage of greatness. This is a fight for the very soul of the United States of America. But the fight, the struggle for equality, respect, awareness – it has to continue beyond Mr. Davis. So this is our “Welcome Back” post. I can’t ignore it anymore.


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Kristina Daniele

Kristina Daniele

Kristina, Founder and Oz of We of Hue is one of many doing it across hues-homeschooling, wifing, mothering, and business building. She is a web designer and social media consultant with a love of building communities on line. She looks forward to intelligent conversation that is eye-opening and statement-making.

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