April 24, 2014

Parents, are you calling the shots

Ever since my first born received his first shot at the tender age of 1 month I’ve had a serious battle raging within me regarding vaccinations.  The battle is two-fold. Firstly, I can’t stand the effects vaccinations have on my children and secondly, I question whether or not they are even necessary.  I don’t think there is a mother in the world who can remain dry-eyed as they watch their baby let out a blood curdling scream when the syringe needle enters his soft tender skin. You may have heard the adage “When baby hurts, Mommy hurts harder”. This adage describes me to the tee when it comes to my children suffering any kind of pain – physically or emotionally.  Beyond the pain of the shot itself, is the suffering my sons endure from days of crankiness, fever and sleep deprivation.

When my second born was 2 months old I reached a point where I felt it was necessary to seriously think the whole vaccination process through. With his second round of shots a few days away I started having anxiety about having to vaccinate him and began to seriously think of calling it quits on vaccinations.

I shared my thoughts of quitting to a friend and she gave me a blank stare that said have you lost your mind? She was baffled that I would consider such a thing and expressed that it’s against the law not to vaccinate children. She began throwing out situations where vaccine records would be required – daycare, school, camps, etc. Then she asked if my reasons for wanting to quit were due to claims that vaccines cause autism.

It’s a controversial issue – whether or not vaccines do in fact cause autism. Honestly, I’m not sure where I stand on that issue. I have read scores of literature supporting evidence that vaccines were the cause of autism in some children. However, I’ve also done my due diligence on the other side of the issue that states that there is no conclusive link between vaccines and autism. I do question whether or not some of the vaccines are even beneficial since many of the illnesses they claim to prevent have already been eradicated from humans. Two such well known diseases are Smallpox and Rubella.  Furthermore, vaccines in and of themselves are weakened or killed form of the microbe or its toxin. Basically, in many cases, we are injecting into our children,  live cultures of the disease we are trying to prevent them from getting.

Deciding whether or not to vaccinate is a personal decision all parents need to consider wisely. I don’t feel there is a right or wrong decision. However, I do believe there is a misconception that parents do not have a say one way or another to do so or not to do so. Parents, you can call the shots regarding your children’s vaccination. I do not apologize for the pun because in this case it’s far too befitting. Mamas and Papas you have a choice in the matter. My wish is only to share some information that I have researched and challenge you to do your due diligence regarding vaccination.

Ana Gazawi

Ana Gazawi

Single mom of two boys trying to live a greenier, crunchier life. Lover of life and all things that bring good people, great conversation, and lasting memories together.

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