April 18, 2014

Rest in Peace, Ms. Whitney Houston

There are so many things I want to say about Ms. Houston but the words are having trouble finding my mouth. I was hoping that she would be able to kick the butts of her demons and come out on top again. I hoped that the years of stress, sadness, anger, loneliness, and heartache would not win out in the long run and know we will never know if she could. We don’t know how she died, but it is irrelevant.

The above image of Ms. Houston that I will always remember: the album cover of her 1990 album “Whitney Houston.” Not only was her voice stunning, but her beauty was too. She gave black girls everywhere hope and let us know that our natural beauty was enough despite what others said. I am honored to have witnessed her talent in my lifetime. Unmatched by any other, Ms. Houston taught me to hope, to love, to feel. While many people want to write her off as a drug addict and a troubled soul, I will always remember her as the epitome of human: flawed and truly gifted.

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston. You’ve had your “One Moment in Time” and left your mark on us all. But now it is time to rest.

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Kristina Daniele

Kristina Daniele

Kristina, Founder and Oz of We of Hue is one of many doing it across hues-homeschooling, wifing, mothering, and business building. She is a web designer and social media consultant with a love of building communities on line. She looks forward to intelligent conversation that is eye-opening and statement-making.

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