April 19, 2014

Moving from Adversity to Global Action

What do you do when your life or the life of some one you love is threatened by an unknown ailment? For most of us, we head to a doctor or an emergency room. We call on the knowledge of specialist and we have faith that they will see us through. And as scary as it may get, we take comfort in the fact that we have access of some sort.

My family is dealing with a medical issue that has, and I say this as honestly as I can and with no trace of exaggeration, scared me like nothing I have ever experienced.  And I’ve – we’ve been faced with some doozies.

My husband has a 6 cm nodule on his thyroid that may or may not be cancer. And in the time that it took for him to drive five minutes to the urgent care facility near our house (a trip that he made for something completely unrelated to this) and be seen by the on-call doctor, our lives changed drastically. In a matter of minutes, my family’s security has been dismantled and I am finding it hard to see the future…

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Kristina Daniele

Kristina Daniele

Kristina, Founder and Oz of We of Hue is one of many doing it across hues-homeschooling, wifing, mothering, and business building. She is a web designer and social media consultant with a love of building communities on line. She looks forward to intelligent conversation that is eye-opening and statement-making.

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  • DM

    I know how frightening this can be.  Life can change in an instant.  What a frightening experience to go through.  Your friend Donna from Believe in Yourself Community