April 23, 2014

Keep It Healthy Thursdays: The Genesis

Pssssst. Pssssst. Hey you! Yea, I’m talking to you on the other side of the computer screen. Dude, stop giving me the funk-eye, already. Yea, I know. That befuddled look is because you’re wondering how you can hear me when I’m on the other side of the screen. Never mind that, just accept it. And since were on the subject, don’t you think it’s pretty darn cool that you can? I thought so, too. Now that I’ve gotten your attention, I’m sure a million questions are going through your mind. Easy. Easy. We’ll get to all that. Care for a virtual cup of tea? Oh, coffee’s your thing? No probs, we can still hang. How’s that chair working for you? I don’t fluff pillows or prop up feet, but I’ll wait while you get comfortable – take your time, I’m not going anywhere.

Good deal. You look much better now that you’ve gotten a good cup of joe  in you. You had me worried there for a minute with how white your face turned when you spotted me tapping on your screen. So you drink coffee black, eh? Woosah! You’re hardcore, aren’t you? I like you already. I’m pretty hardcore myself. Specifically, about the things I’m passionate about and I certainly don’t ride the fence on those issues. You’ll never see me engage in something unless I fully intend to see it to the end. But, don’t get it twisted though. It doesn’t mean I always finish unscathed – believe me, I have a few bumps and bruises to remind me of some of tough spots I had to meander through to finish what I started. Nonetheless, I do manage to maintain my level of energy and not lose the passion to continue. I’m not a half-ass kinda girl.

Anyway, I know with all the ramblin’ I just did, you’re probably more confused than ever. I know you wanna know who I am, why I just appeared at your screen unannounced and uninvited, blah, blah, blah. Well, to give you the skinny, I’m a single mom of two boys, I work for myself (although my clients think I work for them), I did the college thing many moons ago (I really need to dust off the ‘ole brain cells) and well I’m just plain happy with the state of my life these days. But here’s the real kicker – every Thursday I plan on tapping on your screen so you and I can have a conversation of sorts. Yea, exactly! Like girlfriend chitchat. The subject matter? Well, there will be some wellness, some parenting… well actually A LOT of wellness spun in the form of green living, health, kids, creating a village, and parenting colloquy. Huh? What do I mean by wellness?  Hmmm, let me see the best way to explain this. I suppose I’m hoping that we will have a dialogue that inspires both of us to live better, to be healthier, and to want to move to a higher place – mind, body and spirit. Does that make sense? No, but you’re still interested in these chat sessions anyway? Cool. We’ll carve it out as we go. Really, the most important thing is that if you show up that you are honest and open. I’ll warn you straight away, we won’t always agree, but that’s okay. Just as long as you can handle a healthy, friendly debate that ends with a kiss on each cheek and rescheduling the session for next time. How does that sound? Did you say copacetic? Awesome! Same time, same place next week…

image credit: Tony the Misfit

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Ana Gazawi

Ana Gazawi

Single mom of two boys trying to live a greenier, crunchier life. Lover of life and all things that bring good people, great conversation, and lasting memories together.

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Ana Gazawi About Ana Gazawi

Single mom of two boys trying to live a greenier, crunchier life. Lover of life and all things that bring good people, great conversation, and lasting memories together.