April 20, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day

by Adiaha Ruane

Today is we celebrate St. Patrick who drove the snakes out of Ireland. This is of particular importance to my daughter who is Irish-American of the Black kind. She is literally Black-Irish. Yes it is witty and funny but also very real.

It may seem that I am a bit obsessed with race and truly I am, but not because I dislike any group of people, but because I love them all, two in particular, African-Americans and Irish. I fell forced to deal with the subject for the sake of both my children, but especially for oldest beauty, Alana. She has a mixed bag so to speak and I want her to deal with it effectively without prejudice (especially against herself) and with love. Beautiful, intelligent and friendly I really desire for her to be able to be who she wants to be without negativity from other who don’t understand or agree with her perception of self.

I don’t have any answers, except love. There are so many potential pits and I worry.  Deep in my heart I know that love will make a way for her to be a healthy, whole, satient being. Love is the answer to all the unasked questions.

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Guest Authors

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  • http://teanhoneybread.blogspot.com t. allen-mercado

    Happy St. Patty’s Day! I laughed at “Irish-American of the Black kind”, we have many witty descriptors around here too! I understand your concern and intrigue surrounding race, as only another mother of mixed-race children might. There are so many questions, but you’re right, the answer is love.

    (My Yael Rose is over my shoulder in awe of Alana’s face paint, perhaps we’ll go a little green for St. Patty’s Day too. Enjoy.)
    .-= t. allen-mercado´s last blog ..Random Thought Thursday =-.

  • http://coloringbetween.blogspot.com Annie O’Brien

    Tonight I’ll be at our daughter’s apartment, where she, an adoptee who proudly claims her Korean-Irish name and all of the heritages it represents, will be serving Red Flannel Hash (an old Yankee recipe passed down from my husband’s family: boiled potatoes, beets, onions, and salt cod, mashed together and sprinkled with fried salt pork) for St. Patrick’s Day. People are often surprised to hear “O’Brien” attached to an Asian face, but she knows who she is.

    I love how our multicolored, multicultural families create our own ways of recognizing and celebrating all the mosaic pieces that make up who we are. Love makes a way, indeed.
    .-= Annie O’Brien´s last blog ..Connecting the Dots =-.

  • http://www.comfortingplace.blogspot.com Barbara

    *sings: all you need is love*

    Beautiful. I hope that the day was a wonder one for you and your family.
    .-= Barbara´s last blog ..From Cal to Homeless =-.