April 23, 2014

Clean your room!

As kids, we have grown up being told to keep our rooms clean.  As girls, it was imperative to have a tidy room because females aren’t supposed to be messy.  That was a statement my mom always told my sisters and I.  I guess that’s why she always by-passed my brother’s room.  As a mom of three girls, I use that statement all of the time.  However, their room continues to look catastrophic. It’s not that their room is dirty, they just have an abundance of stuff that needs to go.  From clothes, to toys, to books my girls have so much stuff, no matter how clean the room it never looks clean enough.  My oldest  has gotten the point and her room, I must say is immaculate.  But my two younger ones share a room and between the two of them there is a toy store full of things to play with,  clothes to last a lifetime, and books everywhere.  I’ve tried helping them get rid of things only for them to tell me with each thing I  pick up, that they NEED this and CAN’T GET RID OF that.  So we end up with a load of things not used in the box in the corner of their room. I have even tried getting rid of some of their things while they were away at school and I still don’t get very far.

The kids never want to get rid of their old junk.  They some have toys from their first birthdays, and past Christmases, toys from friends, and toys of friends.  I am begin-ing to think they are becoming  hoarders, I’ve seen that show and it’s not pretty.   I have decided that as soon as the kids go back to school, I am going to take a weekend to wash clothes and toys and gather the books they do not need any more and donate them.  I think that if they give their toys and old clothing to children in need it will make them feel better about getting rid of their old stuff. They will also feel good about their room looking and actually being clean.

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  • http://1stopmom.com 1stopmom

    I feel the same way about my room and youngest daughter’s room. It never really looks clean even though it is. I recently had a talk with a friend of mine because after watching Hoarders I began to question if I was one. I have stuff everywhere and I save everything. I love to reuse things if I can but I hate to get rid of anything. I have been planning a big clean up myself before winter gets here.

    • Orlena Grant

      Thanks for your comment. I know I am not alone in that! When I first saw that show, I didn’t realize that so many people out there have that problem. In fact, I never really knew it was a problem. I used to watch a show on the TLC channel where they would come and help you de-clutter and you had a yard sale to get rid of the unwanted stuff. Though I’m not a saver of things, I always wanted to do just that. My problem is my husband. He collects comics, and the comic figurines and he encourages my children to collect things as well. I always tell them, “If you haven’t used it in 6 months, it’s garbage or someone else’s problem”. I know we are sending mixed messages, but I win overall because I either throw it out when they are not at home, or I just simply explain to them that Santa can’t give you more things if you don’t get rid of the old things. It works on the baby, and my pre-teen is starting to understand because she’s getting to the stage where she wants company in her room, and she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by a messy room.

  • http://teanhoneybread.blogspot.com T.Allen-Mercado

    We’ve actually been pretty good about purging, but it does require continual effort…or else!

  • Kisha A.

    I have tried to keep my daughter’s room under control. Since she is only 5 it’s been kinda easy but since we moved it’s been harder and harder to do. But I have a rule. When she gets a new toy she has to give something away, one in, one out. I also use her birthday and the changing of the seasons as a chance to clean out her toys. She’s pretty good at giving things up so we don’t have that fight just yet, thank goodness.

    • http://mamacandtheboys.com Mama C/Catherine

      Kisha-we do the same thing–one on and one out. We have to “make room” for new things. I am a big fan of teaching kids early to be generous, and give to those with less. I read recently (somewhere) that a parents habits around charitable giving have a huge influence on their child’s habits. Not surprising is it?

      • Orlena Grant

        I think I’m gonna start that in my house. That’s a great idea.

  • http://blog.ouidad.com Ouidad Blog

    This is a great post. There are so many things we moms have to “keep on” our kids about … homework, eating right, keeping their hair nice, etc. Rooms are just one of the many things that if we let them go for too long they can get waaaayy out of control. Thanks for the post!
    -Deb for Ouidad

  • http://lovesgumbo.com Love’s Gumbo

    I know this post is about hoarding and editing, but I have to say I had a hard time getting past:
    “As girls, it was imperative to have a tidy room because females aren’t supposed to be messy.”

    I couldn’t stand when people told me that girls were supposed to be this or that. I know we should be clean around a certain time of month, but why can’t we be messy??? What is the special reason that we as females can’t be anymore messy than males?

    • Orlena Grant

      I understand that feeling. That was something I was taught growing up. I never knew why but If I could make an educated guess, I would say that it probably has more to do with making sure your life isn’t cluttered. We females tend to hold onto more than we need, and staying neat and tidy helps us stay on top of things. When we have so much going on ie; kids, husband, pets, whatever it is, we women hold everything together. If we are messy and unorganized, everyone is messy and unorganized. Again, I am just speaking from my own point of view.

  • frances medina

    My children hate I throw everything away that has no place anymore in my house. You don’t use it let ‘s lose it. I love the idea of donating which is something I have done before with both my kids books, clothes, and toys. Something that I have learned is organization is key. I have so many things in my house but in an organized fashion. For me spacesaving ideas is the best. The children and my husband call it anal but it works for me… Clutter makes me nervous….