April 17, 2014

About Our Founder

Kristina Daniele, Founder of We of Hue and Co-Founder of its predecessor, Moms of Hue, has a passion for VOICE.  The crux of We of Hue is to serve as a catalyst for change.  Ms. Daniele believes that everyone deserves to be heard and that nothing serves to further a cause more than intelligent words steeped in passion.

It is this belief that compelled Ms. Daniele to step into the world of social media long before it became a trend.  Recognizing the power of the Internet, Ms. Daniele has over a decade of experience as a blogging influencer, web designer, online writer, and social media opportunist.  She has lent her talents and expertise to a broad spectrum of projects developed by Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations.

Ms. Daniele is a former March of Dimes Mom and believes that women should be active in their medical care educating themselves fully about different pregnancy-related health issues such as premature labor, miscarriage, and nutrition.  She has collaborated with Shoprite and General Mills in the Partners in Sharing Campaign to raise awareness of the growing hunger problem within the United States, and has helped to increase consciousness of Rwanda’s Path to Peace program as a partner in the Digital Initiative spearheaded by The Blogrollers. In 2010 she spoke on the Changing the World One Mother at a Time panel at Mashable’s Digital Lounge during UN Week. She is currently a Community Leader for Million Moms Challenge.

Ms. Daniele holds a MST in Education and a BS in English.  She is a homeschooling and entrepreneurial mom.  When not online you can find her exploring NY with an educational twist, her husband and daughter in tow.