April 23, 2014

About Us

About We of hue

To understand We of Hue, it is important to go back to the beginning of Moms of Hue. We launched Moms of Hue in 2009, as a forum of discussion about issues specific to Moms of  Color and women raising children of color. Truthfully, the initial drive was to provide Mom Blogger of Color a way to get the attention of marketers and public relations professionals who were not connecting with our market. But that changed rather quickly. It became clear the there was a greater purpose to Mom of Hue, one that extended far beyond the realm of consumerism. Moms of Hue became a melting pot of ideas and opinions from women of different races, cultures, educational backgrounds, and experiences.

And as the writers breathed life into the site, Moms of Hue began to evolve once again. Suddenly, there was a need for more voices – voices that told different stories and came from a more eclectic perspective. But, the title “Moms of Hue” became limiting. It was hard to encourage men to join the conversation when the site was obviously for women.

In the Summer of 2010, our Founder Kristina Brooke Daniele decided to listen to her inner voice and to those of her inner circle.  She decided that Moms of Hue would become We of Hue.

We of Hue is made up of  women and men from all walks of life who have gathered to present unique views about the world. The members are  parents -  single, married, inter-racial, stay at home, work from home, working moms, working dads, adoptive parents, alternative parents and more – who face unique circumstances that are not often heard. We of Hue is the forum to discuss issues relevant to Communities of Hue and is open to all no matter your race.